Thursday, August 12, 2010

New organisations backed by the LMS

Gregorian Chant Network (GCN)
This was announced in the February & May issues of Mass of Ages. It is a training and information network of scholas and individuals devoted to studying and spreading plainchant as a spiritual resource of the Church. The LMS was instrumental in founding this and has provided some funding.
Full details on its website:

Society of St Tarcisius
This is announced in the August issue of Mass of Ages. It is a sodality for altar servers in the Traditional Latin Rite (Extraordinary Form of Roman Rite) and like the GCN will promote training and mutual support so that servers may attain the highest standards in service at the altar. The LMS directly founded this and has provided funding.
Full details on its website:

Both of these organisations can help to support and forward the aims of the LMS and it is hoped that anyone joining will join the LMS too.

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